Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

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I have been reviewing a bunch of series so far, but for this post, I am going to talk about a book that was recently put in stores, and I rather enjoyed it! It’s by Rachel Hartman, and it’s named Seraphina.

The book follows Seraphina, a young woman living in the city of Goredd, where dragons take human form inside the city under a peace that has lasted 40 years. Eventually, she decides to leave home to get away from her father, a lawyer who defends dragons in court. The two never really got along, but Seraphina finds herself a position in the royal household as a court musician. But just as she joins the court, Prince Rufus is murdered in a draconian fashion. Tensions are high between the two races, and Seraphina has a secret that makes her fear both sides. With the help of her dragon teacher, Orma, she keeps her secret under wraps as long as she can. Seraphina walks a dangerous path as she befriends and eventually falls in the love with Prince Lucian Kiggs, the captain of the guard. He’s naturally curious and skilled in interrogating, and Seraphina interests him deeply. The two work together closely to find out who murdered Prince Rufus.

In this book, I was very pleased with how Hartman created essentially two different worlds. The physical world that Seraphina lives in, seems medieval in nature and defiantly fits the setting I have created in my head. The world inside Seraphina’s head is even more interesting because it makes Seraphina who she is while it also risks her life. The relationship between Kiggs and Serpahina made me smile because of their sarcastic, curious spirits. They work well together despite the many fights they get in. Overall, I was pleased with the book for its adventure and mystery. The dragon aspect of the book just made me extremely happy!

Anyone who likes this book would love the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. Both have dragons in them! Where could you go wrong?


Lorien Legacies Series by Pittacus Lore

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Going back to a more mainstream book, the Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore follows a guy named John who is number four (if it isn’t obvious from the title). The books in the series are I Am Number Four, the Power of Six, and the Rise of Nine. The next book, to be released later this year, will be named the Fall of Five. The first book of the series, I am Number Four was made into a movie a couple years ago. Click the link for the trailer:

To be more specific, John was born on a planet called Lorien, but his planet was attacked by another race of aliens called mogadorians. Escaping their planet with their lives, John and eight other kids were part of the Garde, gifted with legacies (abilities) and were destined to one day rebuild their world. Each child also was a given a cepan (protector) to protect and train their garde member. Along with that, a spell was cast on the nine garde kids, making them impossible to kill out of order unless they join forces. As the mogadorians come to earth to hunt them down, the first three are killed. John is fourth and is the next target. When John moves to Paradise, Ohio to stay under the radar, he finds a best friend named Sam, a girlfriend named Sarah, an enemy named Mark, and a dog named Bernie Kosar. Eventually though, trouble comes to Paradise, and an all out war breaks loose.

The next two books involve John evading the mogadorians and the authorities that think he’s a terrorist. More members of the Garde are introduced and have adventures and dangers of their own.

One of the best things about the Lorien Legacies series is the action scenes. There are gun fights, sword fights, giant monsters, and people using their abilities to survive. It’s the aspect of science fiction that I truly love. Also, the mystery aspect of the book keeps the reader wondering. Pittacus Lore does an excellent job of keeping some information secret from the readers until the right moment. Lastly, all the characters, especially the members of the Garde, all have unique personalities which clash but get them to work together when necessary.

Anyone who likes the Lorien Legacies series would like the Maximum Ride series and the Gone series (in a previous post).

Jumper Series by Steven Gould

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One of the series I love that is not well-known and not a best seller is the Jumper series. You may or may not have seen the movie Jumper starring Hayden Christensen. It’s based off of the first book that I’m about to talk about, but it definitely takes a different spin on the plot. If you want to see the movie trailer, click this:

There’s three books in the series. In order, they go Jumper, Reflex and Impulse. All written by Steven Gould, the stories follow David, a man who can teleport wherever he wants, whenever he wants.

In the first book, David ends up escaping his abusive father, moves to NYC, and begins robbing banks. Eventually, David meets Millie, a girl from Oklahoma who he falls in love with. Despite his happiness, everything eventually catches up with David as his mother is killed, and the NSA consistently attempt to capture him in order to use his abilities for their own use.

In the second book, Reflex, the reader finds that David married Millie. Also, David occasionally works for the NSA on cases he deems morally sound. While on a mission, David is kidnapped by a powerful criminal organization with influence of American agencies and Brian Cox, David’s NSA handler, is killed. While David is tortured and experimented on, Millie figures out a way to rescue her husband.

And in the last book, Impulse, which just recently was released, David and Millie are helping people in need all around the world. Alongside them is their teenage daughter, Cent. Like a teenager, Cent wants a normal life with friends and a school and a boyfriend. She has been forced to live in hiding her whole life because of the men who tortured her father and other agencies looking to manipulate them. Eventually, Cent discovers she can jump like her father. With this revelation, her parents agree to put Cent in a small town high school in the middle of nowhere. She meets friends, takes of snowboarding, and even falls in love. But that doesn’t come without trouble. Cent also takes on the bullies in town which ultimately brings attention to herself. Cent tries to balance her jumper life with the one she’s always wanted, but it ends up being harder than she originally thought.

In this series, Steven Gould creates amazing stories with David and his family. Each book progresses perfectly as David builds a family and matures into a man. The relationships Gould builds between his characters help the reader understand the situation they’re in. Likewise, the science fiction aspect of the book is great. Who would have thought to make a book about a teleporting man? The overall series captivates the audience and makes it hard for the reader to set it down.

The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

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Yes, I admit it. I’m a Percy Jackson fan. I can’t help myself when I hear another Percy novel will be out soon. I get pretty pumped. It started with the five book series taking place in the greek camp, Camp Half-Blood. I’d say Percy, Annabeth and Grover definitely went on their fair share of heart-racing, intriguing adventures which included saving the world many times. Lets just say, I have a crush on Percy (and he’s a book character). He’s the son of Poseidon which is so much cooler than being a child of Zeus. But thanks to this series, I’m obsessed with greek mythology. If you haven’t yet read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, I recommend that book series first. Click here to see the books in that series. To see the Percy Jackson: the Lightning Thief Trailer:

But that’s not the focus of my blog today. I want to talk about the Percy Jackson spin-off series, the Heroes of Olympus. The books in order include the Lost Hero, the Son of Neptune, and the Mark of Athena. The next book to be released next fall will be named the House of Hades.

Within this series, not only are the greek characters brought back, but Rick Riordan introduces a whole new set of characters just as interesting as the old. This includes Jason Grace, Piper McLean and Leo Valdez, young demigods from the Roman Camp. Seeing that there’s a Greek Camp and a Roman Camp, the God’s separated the two because the camps initially hate each other’s guts. Similar to the camps, each God also has a Roman side and Greek side. The Roman side is more war based, while the Greek side is more artsy. As the books continue, Percy finds himself in the Roman Camp while Jason finds himself in the Greek camp. Both guys have similar cases of amnesia, so neither of them know where there from or who’s looking for them. Nonetheless, each camp’s quests lead the two groups to finally meeting, leading to elevated tensions. The only thing that stops an all-out war from breaking out is Percy and Jason, the two mediators who have been to both camps. The two groups eventually set aside their differences and go out on a quest together, using each others’ strengths to offset their weaknesses.

Rick Riordan has an amazing gift of creating characters his readers can connect with. He makes us fear for their lives in the greatest danger while also making us wish we were friends with each one of them. The dialogue between characters helps his audience fully understand each individual’s personality. Likewise, Riordan’s knowledge of greek mythology impresses me beyond words. He intermingles the major Gods like Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades with the minor ones which names escape me at the moment, hence minor gods. In addition, the action scenes within each novel are thrilling and always test his character’s lengths. He makes his audience root for his heroes no matter the challenge.

Anyone who liked the Percy Jackson Series in general would like Rick Riordan’s other book series, the Kane Chronicles. In the series, Riordan switches focus from greek/roman mythology to egyptian mythology. Check it out!

Gone Series by Michael Grant

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If you are into darker novels about 400 pages in length, the Gone Series is perfect for you. Over the six books, there’s death by murder, plague, starvation, and by accident. It’s a book of survival of the fittest, definitely one of my favorites by far.

The book consists of several main characters, mainly focusing on Sam, a teenager who lives with his mother. Sam and the rest of the kids in Perdido Beach, California find themselves alone as all adults in the area disappear before their eyes. Along with this mystery, a grey dome appears around the town, making escape not an option for the kids. Scared out of their minds, the kids must work together and survive many unnatural adventures that they only knew existed in science fiction movies. Many of the characters are revealed to have mutations that give them an upper hand in the strange world they live in. Nicknamed the “FAYZ” (Fallout Area Youth Zone), Perdido Beach sees friendships develop into intimate relationships, normal boys turn into monsters, and eventually, babies being born to darkness.

The Gone Series maintains an interesting plot that’s complex and mind-boggling at the same time. Grant intertwines all of his character’s destinies to make sure he keeps his audience on the edge of their seats. Likewise, Grant makes sure the reader understands his characters’ strengths and weaknesses. For example, Sam has one of biggest weapons in town in the palm of his hand (ironic if you read it), but he doesn’t want to lead the other kids. The action scenes in the series are suspenseful, intriguing, and ultimately, make the books so much better!

I recommend this book for anyone into more dark, somewhat violent books. Anyone who likes the ominous feel to this series would like Witch and Wizard by James Patterson and the Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.

If you like to see the book trailer for the first book of the Gone Series , click this link:


About Me

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My name is Abbey Walker, and I’m 18 years old. I’ve lived in Atlanta, Georgia my whole life, but next year I’m graduating high school to head to Young Harris College to major in creative writing. Since middle school, I have had a burning passion for reading books, specifically young adult science fiction. Kind of specific, I know. But those type of books are filled with characters that I fall in love with. The settings that are created draw me in and make me believe that I am actally a character in the books. Eventually, I realized I judge books pretty harshly because I have read so many. So, I decided to create this blog to put my voice out there. I want to review books from a TEENAGER’S perspective, someone who spends all their money on the novels Barnes and Noble places on their shelves.

As a side note, I will NOT review any “vampire themed” novels in my blog. I truely beleive that they all have the same story line and love triangle that the Twilight Series had. It’s getting old, and yet the books keep appearing in bookstores.

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